– Who are we ? –

portrait du beau Fred

Photo credit : Lucas Cournut


A recently graduated accountant, he decided, after ten years in his field, to embark on the DoOz adventure. It’s been a while since he realized that his job wasn’t what he really desired and that he wanted to dream and make other people dream. Creative by nature, he needs to invent stories and share them. For a long time, he was a playmaker for role-plays and organized a Halloween murder party every year for up to 40 participants. Beyond that, he is athletic and practice Krav Maga.

L’agent Do

Agent Do is one of the first Horlogerie’s agent in DoOz. The archives about his past are empty and he also seems to have lost his memory. Following a mission that went wrong, Do stole a device from the Operator to go back to the past and prevent Lanistat from acting. This is where he met Agent Oz. Quiet and thoughtful, he acts for the good of his loved ones by doing everything to put them out of danger. Some think his agent name is an abbreviation for Dorothy. But it’s not his real name.

portrait de l'opératrice

Photo credit : Lucas Cournut

Marine EDEL

Communications manager for DoOz, but also a former communications manager at a major scientific institute, Marine decided to join the DoOz adventure. Participating in various projects from the creation of the website to the organization of events for all types of audiences, she is also a freelance journalist for the magazine Savoir(s) of the University of Strasbourg. She is creative and athletic, practicing and teaching Krav-Maga.


The operator of the agency DoOz, she is as beautiful as dangerous. She controls and manages all time travels. The Operator takes care of the regulation of travels through different timelines. Character surrounded by mysteries, her past remains unknown…

portrait de Lanistat

Photo credit : Martine Frankreich

Lanistat, Former Horlogerie’s agent at DoOz agency. Since a mission in the Paleolithic, no one has ever seen him again, but some reports seem to signal its presence on timelines close to temporal fluctuations…