Épisode 1 - 2023
Learn from your mistakes


Travelers here were chosen to be part of Dooz time travel program. They will be sent in mission to save humanity from what could be one of its most tragical episodes.

Year 2023, H20 CEO DR.Muller just developed a powerful bacteriological weapon on behalf of the army. Unfortunately an incident in laboratory #13 will release this virus on the population and cause the end of humanity. Agents Do and Oz had been sent on a mission to stop the sale of the strain virus before Dr. Muller used it to create the weapon, but they were interrupted by Lanistat.

In order to prevent this epidemic, you will be transported 60 minutes before the release of the virus and its first mutation. You will have to bring back important informations to enable us to create an antidote and save humanity.

The time travel will be fast to the H2O laboratory which has just been quarantined.

Travelers, you are the last hope of the human race !

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60 MIN
3 to 6 players