Episode 3 : The protocol

2 to 6 players
60 min

« 2207 : recently, many murders have been committed on the streets of Neo-Strasbourg. The local police cannot apprehend the killer. But even worse, they cannot identify the victims.

L’Opératrice investigated these murders and discovered that all the victims have one thing in common : they are all past or future recruits of the Horlogerie.

We sent an A-team composed by agents Oz, Sobeau and Contades on site to apprehend the killer. Three agents with fundamentally opposed personnalities.

Since the A-team has been sent on this mission, l’Opératrice hasn’t had any news. Has the trap of the Horlogers’ killer closed on our agents?

You will be sent into a gloomy apartment, the last place where l’Opératrice was able to detect the presence of the team. You will have to find and help the team complete its mission.

We just hope the protocol has not been triggered… »


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