Episode 4 : Battle for Neo-Strasbourg

4 to 8 players
60 min

“The Empire invaded Neo-Strasbourg 4 days ago. Since then, the battle has been raging between the Empire and the Consortium, the actual city regent.

This battle could cause many collateral damages, including cultural landmarks and civilians.

On the one hand, The Tsaro-Kommuniste Empire’s goal is to convert the civilians and to turn them into cyber-humans to defend their cause.

On the other hand, the Consortium wants to push back the Empire by all means to keep its territory, its free will, and above all, its wealth.

L’Horlogerie shoudn’t take sides in this battle, but l’Opératrice has realized this event should never have existed.

Our recruits will be sent in 2208  in a Tsaro-Komunist bunker. They will have to make them believe they are cyber-humans sent there to help them win the war.

L’Opératrice has one goal in mind. She will tell you all about it during your mission briefing.”


This adventure is unique : it is the first in France that combines board games and role playing game with a points system as well as an escape game. You will have to be both strategic (by shooting your ennemies) and experienced at escape games to find ammo and avoid traps. You will have to score points to make your Tsaro Kommuniste team win.

And just like a board game, you can replay this escape room.

Its twin room will arrive in 2020 : until then, you will fight against the game master. But once the second room will open, you will be able to fight your friends !

We are sorry but this room isn’t available in english.

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