Leave the professional framework and join a mission in 1846, 2021, 2207 or 2208 to build team skills and to get to know the members of a team in a different context. And what better way to do that than to be sent within a laboratory that has been quarantined, in the apartment of a serial killer in a 19 century jail, or in the bunker of a ennemy unit.

DoOz allows you to carry out your activity in groups up to 24 people in 4 different rooms and on almost simultaneous slots.

Once you’ve -successfully!- completed your mission, you can extend your experience as time traveler by having a drink at our board game steampunk bar.
We have more than 250 board games, drinks (softs, beers, hot beverages, milkshakes, cocktails…) and snacks (pizzas, cheese and charcuterie, croque-monsieur)
Our board games bar offers different formulas so you can stay with us a little bit longer !

Our bar has a capacity of 50 persons. However, the more players there are, the longer the waiting time between games will be. We advise you to contact an agent of the Horlogerie to agree with her or him about a schedule for large groups.

Besides our escape rooms, we offer various activities :

  • Murder parties
  • Life-size escape games
  • Professional and sportive training for team spirit
  • Seminar room

For all requests for quotes, contact us on