Team building has proved itself to develop team cohesion within a firm. The benefits are multiple for : work environment, team spirit and collective intelligence, conflict management, communication and motivation, sense of belonging, support for new coworkers.

Here at Dooz, we offer different formulas that will suit your needs. Whether you need a means of transport or a caterer, whether you’d like to add an atypical guided tour or an original formation : you just have to select your program and your options and we will take care of it!

DoOz allows you to carry out your activity in groups up to 24 people in 4 different rooms and on almost simultaneous slots.

Our bar has a capacity of 50 persons. However, the more players there are, the longer the waiting time between games will be. We advise you to contact an agent of the Horlogerie to agree with her or him about a schedule for large groups.

Our 80 m² seminar room (which is also our board games bar) can be adapted to let you peacefully run your meeting in a timeless space at a walking distance from Strasbourg center.

In our board games bar, we offer you different formulas regarding your needs for your meeting. (coffee, snacks, caterer…)


Dooz has built a partnership with Redbox Sécurité to offer you a field experience, in hostile, unusual and surprising environments, combined with a life-size escape game. This experience, supervised by recognized experts, can play out during one our several days. It gives room and space for physical activities and team work, perfect to surpass oneself, for teambuilding, or simply to unwind in atypical and quircky locations.


Faire Face Formations offers dynamic and original formations for your teams. The common feature between the fighter, the employee and the executive is that they are not free to avoid things. Their status forces them to confront difficult situations to try to solve them. When we are used to deal with unknown situations that could be risky, we develop features like determination, imagination or boldness.
These formations help you take the right decision in key moments for your firm. They can help any employee in your firm. They are performed by experimented instructor who come from the business and sport worlds. They have a common denominator physical commitment (movement and posture) and mental commitment (courage, determination).


A Murder Party is a life-size role playing game consisting in solving a mystery or a criminal investigation. It’s a cross between theatrical improvisation, investigation game and police adventure. One of the main interest is to play the role of a character from a story that is, most of the time, criminal. From 20 to 30 players, a murder party can help build team spirit and will also allows participants to get to know each other.
We can organize murder parties within our board games bar or directly in your firm offices.

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