Why not think outside the box to organize a birthday party ?

We will send you on a mission in the apartment of a serial killer, within a laboratory that has been quarantined, in a 19 century jail, or in the bunker of a ennemy unit. Thanks to Dooz, you will time travel for your or your friends’ birthday.

And what about personalizing your experience…You want to hide a present in the room? Inform our agents before and they will allow your gift to time travel within the room you will be sent into.
You want to surprise even more the birthday boy or girl? Send us anecdotes and pictures and we will try to blend it in your mission.

Once you’ve -successfully!- completed your mission, you can extend your experience as time traveler by having a drink at our board game steampunk bar.
We have more than 250 board games, drinks (softs, beers, hot beverages, milkshakes, cocktails…) and snacks (pizzas, cheese and charcuterie, croque-monsieur)

Episode 1 and Episode 3 contain set elements and a scenario that may not be suitable for children under 16 years old.
However access is allowed for underage travelers accompanied by an adult traveler who assumes their full responsibility.

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