– Anniversaries –


The escape is a fun activity perfect to celebrate a particular event such as a birthday. The duration of a session allows you to quickly switch to another activity if you want to extend your experience with your friends in our game bar, a place outside of time just steps from downtown Strasbourg.

DoOz, allows you to realize your activity in group up to 16 people divided in 3 different rooms and on simultaneous niches.

We can adapt our rooms exceptionally by adding an extra player so that small groups are not separated. description of episodes is the maximum number of players advised for a total immersion.

For guests wishing to add a little spice to this day, the Horlogerie offers you to hide the birthday gifts in the room. It is the person whose birthday it is to find, otherwise his gifts are returned in their original time lines. It is also possible to customize certain parts of the room (using anecdotes or photos)

Attention for young recruits, scenarios 1 and 3 are not recommended for children under 16 years old. For all recruits under the age of 16 who still need an adventure, we must ask an adult responsible for the group of accompanying travelers in time. We also ask for parental permission.


– Our prices –

Episode 1 or 3
60 minutes
€ 132 (6 players)
€ 120 (5 players)
€ 104 (4 players)
€ 84 (3 players)
€ 22/ additional player (limited to 1)
Episode 2 
45 minutes
€ 80 (4 players)
€ 66 (3 players)
€ 60 (2 players)
€ 20 / additional player (limited to 1)
Aperitif dinner
Seasonal food, non-alcoholic beverages included
On estimate only
Privatization of the bar
Weekdays only
Duration 2 hours
Free access to the photo corner for other players
200 €

Hiding option of this

A personalization of certain elements of the zones of games can be realized on preliminary request.

Contact an agent for more information

Free, upon prior request


If you were led to organize another event following this one, we advise you to leave yourself a sufficient margin of maneuver because often the time machine is capricious and returns the recruits dissipated or distracted a few minutes late to their time.